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Our Story

JAMU Traditions


Slowly her mind began to shift and she was no longer on terra firma. Heady smells of jasmine and vanilla invaded her senses and sounds of flutes filled the air. Her body was floating and spiritually guided along a path of aromas and tactile pleasures. Seen from a vantage point high above, as if amongst the clouds, the green exotic island of Bali became a reality and she was actually lying on the massage bed in a pleasant dream world. Oh if only the dream could last longer… Jamu forever touch my body and fill my mind with sounds and scents of nature, tropical flora, love, peace and joy.

Jamu Traditions encompasses education, wellness and spa, and our spa product creation and manufacture; each supporting the other and extending beyond into the local community. Socially responsible activities are conducted in training workshops for villages in the outer areas of Bali and further afield into the islands of Flores, Lombok and Sumba. As a collaborator of the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Jamu Traditions participates in the advancement of women’s health and career choices through the Indonesian archipelago.


Jamu Traditions Family


Spa & Wellness jamulogo-thumb

Authentic and traditional treatments, using 100%
pure and natural products

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Spa School jamulogo-thumb

Internationally accredited spa school (CIBTAC diploma available) providing training in traditional beauty and wellness treatments

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Spa Lab jamulogo-thumb

Our wholesale and retail shop, offering all of our traditional, authentic and healthy recipes and products

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