Jamu Spa School

Student Info

Minimum age to register as students is 16 years old. Students need to fill the Registration Form. This can be done at our school or online.

Students must pay a minimum of 50% deposit at the time of registration. The deposit is not refundable if students cancel the courses. The final payment must be settled prior to commencement of classes. For 3-months course, the final payment can be settled during the first month of class.

If a student cannot continue attending classes after the start of the term, he/she can still complete the course with a condition that he/she is confident to re-enroll within a year. If a student fails to do this, the course fee is not refundable and Jamu Spa School is free from any obligations to the students.

Students may not change course mid-term, however student may add additional courses.

School days are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm (the first day of new students, Monday Orientation starts at 8.15am)
Office opens on Saturday, 9am to 3pm.
All students are expected to leave school as soon as their classes are finished or by 5pm.

Please refer to the Registration Procedures

All students must be punctual and are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the class and leave the school as soon as their classes are finished.

If a student needs to leave class earlier, he / she needs to get a permission before from the trainers.

In a circumstance that a student is late or cannot attend a class, he / she is expected to inform before the class begins.

A doctor certificate must be present if a student is absent for 3 consecutive days.

Students must attend the classes with proper grooming at all times, wear the school uniform. Female students are expected to have well-managed hair, decent make up and well-deodorized body odor. Male students are expected to maintain hair, mustache and beard neatness. Nails must be short and clean.

Students should look after the provided uniform.

The uniform is used strictly during school hours only and must not be worn outside school hours unless otherwise stated by trainers.  Clean uniforms are provided daily and when the class is over, they need to be returned in the laundry baskets provided.

Jamu Spa School students are expected to maintain good relations between fellow students, trainers and staff. Mutual respect among fellow friends is highly recommended along with soft spoken and polite communication.

Students must be polite and courteous with guests and maintain professionalism at all times including during moments spent at the Relaxation area or Library. This includes prohibition of sleeping or lying down during break time at the Lounge area or Library

Students are expected to follow the classes and participate as much as possible to get a maximum exposure to the materials taught. We will endeavor to provide models for practical lessons but welcome the students if they provide their own models if needed. Jamu Spa School expects students to be a model for other students.

The school reserves the right to change training schedules, when necessary, this will be announced through verbal announcement by the trainers or through the bulletin board.

Students are required to take the test which will be held on Fridays (last day of each course). The students are expected to do the test independently. During the test, access to books or manuals is not allowed and it is forbidden to cheat or play truant.

Students must attend all tests scheduled by trainers. In a case of emergency absence, trainers will schedule a separate test for the respective students.

A certificate will only be awarded to students who have completed the course payment, have attended over 90% of class hours and have achieved a satisfactory examination results.

Due to preparation of certificates by the Administration team of Jamu Spa School after the test, students can wait for the certificates that will be ready before 5pm. Otherwise, students could come back and collect the certificates the day after.

Students are expected to look after their personal belongings in the lockers provided during school hours. A locker key is provided to each student thus it become their responsibilities to keep and return the keys back before leaving Jamu Spa School.

The school will not be responsible for any lost or damages of students’ personal belongings.

Students are expected to keep the cleanliness and tidiness of classrooms and lockers.

There will be a Rp 25.000 fine if a student loses his/her locker key.

  • Lunch time is between 12noon to 1pm. Students will have one hour lunch time.
  • The school will provide lunch for Jamu Spa School students at the lunch area. Drinking glasses and spoons are also provided by the school and students should wash their own eating utensils and glasses when finish.
  • Eating is not allowed in classrooms.
  • Drinking water is allowed in the classrooms.
  • The students may bring their own water bottle.

Students are expected to use school equipment and properties properly. Students will be responsible to pay for repair or replacement of any damage due to negligence or abuse.

Students are expected to follow all cleanliness and hygiene regulations including participating in the cleaning chores as set out by trainer.

A lounge area is provided at 2nd floor and 3rd floor. Students are not allowed to use reception area as lounge or relaxation area.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor rooms. Jamu Spa School provides a designated open air smoking area, which is located at the back of the school building. Students must always dispose the remains of the cigarettes in the proper bins. Drinking alcohol or using drugs are strictly prohibited.

Mobile phones must be turned off during class hours. The students are allowed to borrow the school phones for school purposes or in the case of an emergency.

Lost items should be reported and handed over to the Reception Office immediately with complete information of where and when it is found. Students who lose their belongings should contact the Reception Office.

Video recording and Picture taking activities during classes in progress is strictly prohibited.

Parking area is located beside the school building. Helmet and jacket shall be put inside the lockers and we are not responsible for any loss and damage of your goods at Jamu Spa School.

Jamu Spa School reserves the right to expel any students who fail to comply with the school regulations, or whose behavior and conduct negatively affects the reputation or operation of the school. No tuition fee will be given for expulsion.